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Imagine having a bunch of lice crawling all over your head, laying eggs, feeding off your skin and blood.


That’s exactly what your kid goes through if they’re having lice troubles. Itchiness and a feeling of something moving on their head will distract, scare and irritate them while they study or play. 

Though common among preschoolers and elementary school kids, this menace can spread to adults at home too. Chemicals and strong shampoos get the job done, but do you really want that on your kid’s tender skin?I didn’t think so either.

That’s why I created The LiceHat. I just knew this was a problem I wanted to solve. The simplicity of the design and ease of use make it the perfect chemical-free solution to getting rid of head lice for good.

Fill it up, put it on, wait ten minutes, comb the oil out carefully and let it do its magic. It’s that simple!

So don’t wait up, Give The LiceHat a try today.

Nicolette Mak
Inventor of The LiceHat