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What do I need?  

The package contains all you need for 1 lice attack, so for 2 treatments. You need to repeat the treatment after 9 days. The funnel is made of stone paper and you can use it a few more times if you rinse it well. What else do you need for the next attack: a litre of oil, hairnet, cotton wads, talcum powder, a household tub, shampoo, a peg or elastic band, detergent (for cleaning the hat), and a plastic bag to throw away the oil.

For what do I need the cotton wads?

 You need to do the cotton wads in the ears and dimples behind the earlobes. If you forget this or you don't do it properly, then this is where the oil can leak out.

How do I place the hat correctly?

Pull the hat over the ears and cover the back of the neck to make sure that it falls over all the hair and the hairnet. Leave the forehead free from about 3 cm above the eyebrows. This gives you some space at the top of the hat. Then pull the hat slightly to create a small gully so the oil can flow across the entire head underneath the hat. When the oil is in the hat and you closed the opening with the peg or elastic band, you carefully move the head from front to back and to all sides to make sure that the oil covers all the hair. Repeat this after 5 minutes.

Why do I need an old towel?

If you spill some oil, you don't want to spill it on a nice towel. Should some oil still leak out, soak the towel in some water and detergent before you put it in the washing machine.

Why do I need to repeat the treatment?

The oil doesn't kill the nits, so you still need to kill the baby lice as well. To make sure that all the nits have hatched (6th or 7th day after the first treatment), you need to repeat the treatment after 9 days. It takes 17 days before a baby louse will be able to procreate. So even when you are unable to repeat the treatment after 9 days, you can still do this up to 17 days after the first treatment. 

How often can I use the hat?

You can use the hat at least 10 times, we tested this ourselves. But perhaps you can even use it 20 times, as long as you clean and treat it properly. Mabel, who manufactures the hat, guarantees that the hat retains its elasticity for 3 years, but this may be a cautious estimate and it might just as well 'work' for 5 or 10 years.

Why can't I just use water?

Lice don't drown in water. They die or get unconscious when drenched in oil. That is why you comb the hair, taking out part of the oil, with a good metal lice comb, and effortlessly remove the lice while you comb.

Can I reuse the oil?

Yes, you can.

Why do I need to clean and dry the hat so thoroughly?

If you don't do this, the hat will shrink and the latex will lose its elasticity. Apply the talcum powder to prevent the sides of the hat from sticking.

Why do I need a funnel?

This will make it a lot easier to pour the oil into the hat. What if you don't have a funnel? Before you tilt the bottle of oil, slide the top into the opening of the LiceHat. Only then, you tilt the bottle so that the oil can flow into the LiceHat. You can also create a funnel by cutting off the top of a plastic bottle at about 10 cm below the opening.

Why do I need a second plastic bag?

You use this bag to pour in the used oil. The bag of oil can be thrown away with the non-recyclable waste. Or you can throw away the oil without the bag with your organic waste. The plastic bag that comes with the package is used to store the hat.