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The LiceHat

Unbearable itchiness, the feeling of something crawling around your head, and painful bumps from scratching - there’s nothing more irritating than lice living on your head.

The worst part is the only cure for lice in the market is harsh, expensive chemicals and shampoos, but they still come back anyway. If you’re tired of seeing your child suffer from these pesky parasites, and don’t want to use toxic pesticides on their scalps, go natural - with The LiceHat!

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The LiceHat is the most natural and budget-friendly way to say goodbye to lice, once and for all! All you need is inexpensive cooking oil, to let those creepy crawlies drown and die.

What makes The LiceHat better:

  • Non-toxic and completely safe for children
  • Doesn’t dry out hair like regular lice lotions and shampoos
  • All the lice slide out easily with the comb
  • The hat is made of 100% natural latex
  • Can be reused at least 10 times
  • Includes everything you need - The LiceHat©, 2 hair nets, cotton wool, talcum powder, plastic storage bag, hairband and funnel

How to use it: 

  1. Wear the hat
  2. Pour in lots of oil (500 to 1000 ml)
  3. Comb through and wash hair


Super nice that you don't have to use chemical rubbish and you can have a lot of fun with that thing on your head so 2 flies in a hit I mean of course lice 😂😂😂

Simone Brand  recommends The LiceHat.

The girls from my niece's dorm were under the lice. Good reason to invite them to try out the Luizenkap invented by my dear friend Nicolette. The three of them came, and it became a hilarious, super fun thing. The smurf-like hats on, towels around, olive oil in it, gently move from front-to-back-left-to-right, comb and wash! A little hassle, that sure, be very careful to prevent leaks, but it really works, is super beneficial, and the ladies hair became silky from the olive oil. One even said to do it more often, just as a nurturing hair mask. The students repeated the treatment after 2 weeks, and were completely free. I really love that such a simple invention can replace the expensive, chemical and not always 100 % working mess. And that little extra stuff? That just makes you something very cosy 

The Luizenkap is really a super concept. My daughter is allergic to everything and absolutely couldn't stand Prioderm. We also tried the Kruidvat brand, but we didn't kill the animals with that. It's a bit extra work and a little dirty with oil, but the result may be there. Dead beasts!!
Nicely made up!

Esther Schaap reviewed The LiceHat  5 star
March 14, 2019

After different treatments with chemical shampoo, in all types and sizes and without good result, the lice cap used! I am very satisfied with the product! death almost equal all nits and lice and the hair is well combed. Especially happy that the treatment is on a natural basis!
It's a mess with a lot of oil (oil everywhere) but it's definitely worth it!

Patricia Vd Zijden reviewed The LiceHat  5 star

Super I'm so happy with this because the chemicals that are in Prioderm affect the nervous system so I always try to find it in the natural resources and then I saw the liizenkap and immediately ordered both the sizes and laughed too because it is A comical face the hat full of oil on your head!! I think a lot of people will be happy with this...